About Me

As a young girl, I’d always had prophetic dreams or finished other people’s thoughts or sentences.  I never understood why people gave me strange looks or had guarded conversations around a child that seemed to know too much; always too mature.  A few years ago, I made it official.  I stepped onto my path of self-realization and enlightenment and never looked back.

Reiki Master/Teacher PatriciaAlong my journey, I’ve discovered that when working in Spirit, there’s no time, space, or distance.  When working with the Archangels, it doesn’t matter whether the trauma or injury occurred in a past life or the present.  It matters not that we might be separated by thousands of miles.  By being freed from our physical restrictions, deep healing can occur without hindrance.  We are all connected by our divinity.  There is no separation.

In 2010, I received my First Degree Reiki attunement and, consequently, embarked on the most amazing journey of my life.  Since that time, I have become a certified Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Reiki System and an ordained Priestess in the Order of Melchizidek1.  The Order of Melchizidek is a priesthood of individuals committed to teaching and/or healing the Human Condition.

As an energetic healer and spiritual advisor, I can help you become aware of the causative reasons for many of your physical ailments and help YOU author solutions for continued good health.

In addition to performing shamanic services, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a practicing Crystal Energy Therapist, and an Archangelic Light Teacher/Practitioner.  It is through the use of these various healing modalities, that the many layers of the human condition can be addressed and healed.

In no way am I encouraging or telling clients to abandon their doctor’s care or psychological counseling.   If you are under doctor’s care or you are prescribed medication, please continue to do so!  While your doctor addresses the physical manifestation of your illness, I can assist you by addressing the emotional and spiritual causes.  Together, we can make a better you!

  1. Order of Melchizedek, Biblical References:  Genesis 14:18-20, Psalms 110:4, Hebrews 5: 6-10; Hebrews 6: 20; & Hebrews 7: 1-17.