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Snowy Owl Cove

Snowy Owl Cove

Don’t We All Deserve to Soar?

Remember the most peaceful moment in your life?

Imagine a crisp fall morning. You escape to a quiet, private space to enjoy the grace of the day, gather your thoughts and be thankful.

On such a morning, Trish Tyson contemplated how she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Her career in health and beauty care included quality assurance management for one of the world’s leading personal product companies. At home, she created elegant soaps and lotion for close friends and family, especially when they couldn’t find comfort from commercially available products. Of all her hobbies, this one was her passion. She could select the finest ingredients from nature and urge their best performance.

On this day, as Trish escaped to her favorite fog-covered cove to embrace the grace of the day, be thankful and plan for her future, she was thinking about what she most loved to do. As she realized she wanted to make others feel good in their skin, a majestic snowy owl glided toward an abandoned fence post, landed and affirmed her.

Welcome to the Cove, where Snowy Owl Cove products have moved from a gift for family and friends to a passion for you.

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