Archangelic Light

Arcing Radial LightArchangelic Light, named for the Archangels who gifted this wonderful and powerful healing modality to Lorna Malberg in 2002. It is a cool, feminine energy that radiates and spirals from the healer’s hands and works on the emotional causative agents of dis-ease.

In our day to day busy lives, we never stop consider that stress and suppressed emotions can be detrimental to our physical bodies. Consider the emotional stressors in these scenarios. Stress can cause ulcers and heart attacks, while suppressed anger and worry contributes to hypertension. Therefore, it only stands to reason that other emotional influences can be detrimental to our physical body.

Rather than laying the hands on the physical body, as is done in Reiki, Archangelic Light healing done in the emotional and spiritual bodies of the auric field. By focusing on a physical pain or ailment, you can rightfully contribute to your physical health by seeking the emotional cause of that dis-ease and become instrumental in healing yourself.