Crystal Energy Healing

Crystal Energy HealingHave you ever stood in the middle of a meadow or a quiet place in nature and just felt better?  Why does a hike in the mountains or leaning against a massive oak bring such healing tranquility?  That is because the earth is ALIVE and every component of her gives…  It is said that within 10 feet of any poisonous plant is the cure.  Nature provides for all, you just have to know where to look.

The power of crystals is demonstrated everywhere through their use in watches, computers, and lasers.  They are cut, shaped, and used as a focus of energy and admired for their beauty the world over.  However, it is as friend and their connection to spirit, that I employ the use of crystals in my healing practice.

Just as mold was once used to produce penicillin or willow bark was used to reduce fevers and pain, crystals have a multitude of healing properties as well.  By combining the spiritually effective properties of crystals with other healing modalities, such as Reiki, a synergistic or amplifying effect can be produced.  Crystal grids, stone layouts, and gem elixirs can be employed to address many physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions.