Shamanic Healing with the Archangels

Shamanic Energy HealingHave you ever said to yourself, “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of losers”, or “Why do I always seem to land myself in the same kind of trouble”? How much of the trauma and emotional stresses we suffer today can be attributed to karmic agreements made in a past life?

Ill-conceived vows said in the heat of passion can bind you to its intent in future lives and may have bound you in the present, from past lives.  Those emotional ties that you just can’t seem to shake (cordings), can still have the power to affect your life even though you may have broken off the relationship or even if the person has died.  When you are suffering from a problem in spirit, there IS no time, space, or distance.

Many seemingly irrational and baseless fears can be rooted in a past life experience or it may not even be your own; passed onto you from the mother or father’s karmic bindings.  Through working in the shamanic with the Archangels, many of these old wounds can be uncovered, acknowledged, and dealt with so that you are no longer troubled by their energy.  Past Life Regression Healing, Soul Part Retrieval, Removal of Other Peoples’ Soul Parts, Ancestral Lines Clearings©, Cord Cutting, and Karmic Matrix Healing are just a few of the methods I use to heal the human condition shamanically.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Pervasive fears
  • Feeling less whole, fragmented or empty
  • Addictions
  • Feelings of alienation
  • Co-Dependence
  • Noticeably different after a traumatic event
  • Long term grief or depression
  • Psychological work without improvement

Symptomatic Needs for Ancestral Lines Clearing:

  • Hereditary illnesses or conditions
  • Unresolved conflicts within the family unit
  • Inability to forgive old hurts and wounds for generations

Symptoms of Cording, Possession of Other People’s Soul Parts, or Karmic Binding Agreements:

  • Can’t break free from damaging relationships
  • Repeating bad habits without the ability or knowledge of how to stop
  • Constant thoughts of someone that you’ve had a negative encounter with and the thought causes you hurt, anger, or anguish.