Ancestral Lines Clearing©

It is believed that when we exist in our divine spiritual form, we live in groups similar to whale pods.  When we choose to return to the training grounds called Earth, we make agreements with members of our group to help us meet or achieve goals.  Of course, once we return to the physical, we don’t remember these loving agreements, and being human, the way we perceive or interpret a situation usually becomes truth as opposed to the real truth.

It is therefore easy to imagine that long standing grudges or issues fomented in one lifetime can carry over into future lifetimes.  Sibling rivalries, mother/daughter friction, and father/son fall outs can be attributed to an altercation in a past or present life, but more so, can continue to cause damaging relations for generations to come.

By using the shamanic technique of Ancestral Lines Clearing©, developed by Mary Phyllis Horn in 2000, family bickering’s can be cleared from past lives, addressed in the present life, and resolved into future lives.