Cord Cutting

Cording or Etheric Attachments are etheric umbilical lines that attach to you, in your present life, to another individual from your present, past, and/or future.  Cordings can be quite numerous and they are usually attached at the solar plexus, but can be seen coming from other chakra areas.

These cords are naturally present between mother and child.  A newborn infant still requires emotional and spiritual support from the mother even after the physical cord is cut.  Haven’t you ever wondered how your mother ALWAYS seemed to know when you needed her or seemed to KNOW when you were up to no good?   Yep, it’s that good old etheric bond (cord) that exist between mother and child!

However, all cordings aren’t necessarily beneficial or benign. Cords left from bad relationships, even from past lives, can still have the power to keep you in a yo-yo syndrome of attracting the “same kind of guy”.  Associations to old jobs, bosses, workmates, can still stir anger and resentment and have the power to change your outlook on life.

Cutting these cordings shamanically and energetically can bring profound relief and remove emotional vampires out of your life.  Additional education on how these attachments are formed can help you to prevent and protect yourself from damaging attachments and re-attachments.

Symptoms of Cording

  • Can’t seem to break free from damaging relationships
  • Constant thoughts of someone that you’ve had a negative encounter with and the thought causes you hurt, anger, or anguish.
  • Exhaustion or energy drain even after a good night’s rest
  • Bouts of explosive emotions with no discernible origin
  • Feeling emotionally low at the same time as someone else for no apparent reason
  • Thoughts not your own