Shamanic Illness Extraction

Our ultimate sole purpose for being is to re-connect to our divinity.  One of the methods our soul uses alert us that we are out of balance or out of touch with our life’s mission and soul’s purpose, is to get ill.  Ever heard the phrase, “I’d rather be fishing” or “this is just my day job, I do what I love on the side”.  Consider how miserable a person can be when they are locked into a job they hate or feel unfulfilled.  When we are separated from doing the things that brings purpose and growth in our lives, we are blocked from our spiritual connection to the divine.  When we are blocked from spirit, we are left vulnerable to attracting illness.

If the spirit/energy of a localized illness is removed, then the symptoms of the illness itself can be resolved.  If a person is currently on a medication to treat the illness, then the medication can act more powerfully as a result of the extraction.  Systemic illness such as fibromyalgia, however, is a bit more complex and can require sweeping changes in a person’s life, such as addressing diet and stressful circumstances, in addition to shamanic extraction. Shamanic extraction healing can also remove negativity that is picked up in our everyday interactions with the public and in private relationships.