Past Life Regression Healing

Many physical pains and anxieties we suffer from today can be attributed to past life traumas and bindings.  Have you ever wondered why you might be terrified of water, but have no recollection of that trauma in this life?  Have you ever experienced a physical pain with no apparent cause of injury? Have you ever gone from one doctor to the next with a problem to which they can find no medical cause only to be finally told, “ I don’t know what to tell you” or “it’s all in your head”?

This is because western medicine does not treat the entire being.  It only focuses on the present life and the physical.  Our energetic bodies are spiritual in origin and are not confined by time, space, or distance.  Hence, it is certainly not affected only by the present life experience.  The emotional trauma of losing a girl child in a past life can make you fearful of forming loving attachments to your daughter in your present life.  Responsibility and leadership disasters in a past life can cause you to vow never to take on the roles again, but when called to do it in this life, anxiety attacks can be the result.

Past Life Regression IS NOT hypnosis.  You are fully conscious and aware of your surroundings, but you are in a deep meditative state.  By using guided meditation and focusing on a physical or emotional pain, you can journey back to the past lives to affect present day healing.