Soul Retrieval

Soul parts can flee or be ripped away from a person for many reasons.  The reasons can range from a child’s traumatic perception of a scolding or spanking to trauma suffered from physical or sexual abuse.  However, no matter what the cause, in order to just survive the experience, a person’s soul can fragment, and crucial parts can “run away” so that sanity and survival can be maintained.  For example, a savagely beaten child’s humanity can flee and the result can be an adult with little pity, and even less humanity.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Pervasive fears
  • Feeling less whole, fragmented or empty
  • Addictions
  • Feelings of alienation
  • Co-Dependence
  • Noticeably different after a traumatic event, not your old self
  • Long term grief or depression
  • Psychological work without improvement

It is believed that a person is complete when they have all of their soul parts.  A person with only half their soul parts will show signs of mental illness and a person with no soul parts, is dead. Of course, we strive for completeness.  Soul retrieval can put a person on the road of recovery and self-discovery by returning the missing core parts that fragmented from experiencing something that has literally “blasted a person’s reasoning”.